Waves & Freedom

Waves and Freedom Documentary (2013)        Genres:  Documentary | Short | Adventure | Family |

- exhilarating ambiance of spaciousness and tranquility of sea . .
- away from the hustle and bustle of the city . .
- dancing with free waves, friendship with seagulls . .
- irresistible attraction to sail away since the beginning of the time . .
- melancholy in the ship's siren calls . .
- and the thrill to return to the port after a bad weather at sea . .
- the privileged smell and the vapor of seawater in the morning . .
- people's effort to sail away since the beginning of the time . .
- and the way of life at sea with music appeal to the mind, to logic, and to the heart
- being at sea is like being at home ..
- once you experience it, the land could no longer satisfy you


@ the festivals

2023  Cinema of the World International Film Festival, India
2018 San Mauro Torinese Int Film Festival, Italy
2015 Three Cities Festival (Los Angeles, New York, USA, Dominican Republic )
2014  Matsalu International Nature Film Festival, Estonia
2014  International Travelling Film Festival on Water, India
2014 Balkan Film & Food Festival, Albania
2013 Boston Documentary & Short Film Festival, USA

Running Time : 25 min 53 sec
Language : Turkish
Subtitle language : English
Digital Video, Color, Stereo
Shooting Format : HD 1280x720 1.78 16x9 29.970 fps NTSC
Available Copies : NTSC, PAL, .mp4, h264 .mov

montage : emrah ersahin
music : murat orsoglu
director & producer : ilker saglamer    

Production Notes
- Inspiration For The Film Was Love Of The Sea
- Shot at different weather conditions in over 3 months,
- Traveled to (Prinkipo) island with the last ship in order to catch the earliest ship departure to shoot the sunrise scenes,
- there was nowhere to spend the night in a snowy midnight
- the shopkeeper who risked his business existence by keeping the business open all night to keep me out of the snowy weather in Prinkipo,
-the captain shared his healthy cakes baked by his wife,
-the personnel offered special linden tea sent by his family back at home in the Black Sea,
-and many good hearted people who help me to complete this documentary

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