Refusing To Choose

Refusing To Choose (2013)      Based On A True Story       Genres: Short | Drama | Family |
Based on a True Story
-and a loving-caring-mum who
has to make a choice between her 2 kids . .'
Who would you choose?

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Production Notes
Project was to produce a short film based on visual story telling with minimal dialogs.
Always remember what Charlie Chaplin said that his character was universal. He was understood in every part of the world. But if he now began to speak in English, that world-wide audience would instantly shrink.

Then the decision was to remove all the dialogs and tell the story supported by the specifically written music.

kerime deniz, mustafa kobal, naci pakkan, emine yildiz, ilknur caliskan, elif cengiz

camera operators/cinematographers : murat ata - turgay berberoglu
music : cantekin kafali
montage : emrah ersahin
director & producer :  ilker saglamer

Digital, Color, Stereo
Running Time : 7 min
No dialogues
Shooting Format : HD 1920 x 1080, 1.78 16x9 29.970 fps, NTSC
Available Copies : NTSC, PAL, .mp4, h264 .mov